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Beautiful and professional Art solutions for your Art as listed in Gold Coast Galleries at Majorart _ Miami

Art Investment

At Majorart A Gold Coast Gallery you can invest in not just an image but a life style which each day you can enjoy on your wall and in time get a true return to upgrade or even sell and move on.

Art for Decor

Not just investment Art but to show your family and visitors you have taste and vision, show your Art with reflections in Quality Beveled Edged Mirrors we supply at Majorart

Art & Framing

Majorart for investment / Picture Framing of 30 yrs experience in the trade, framing of Blue Chip Art also Jersey's, float framing, box framing, and the standard job. Canvas stretching same day service.

Art Genres

currently in our Gallery

Large range of Original Paintings of Blue Chip Art Archibald Prize winners etc, Limited Editions of Quality ie: Bromley , Olsen. Mirrors in stock, 

Always fair in pricing.

Investment Art

Original type

Always go for something you love to inspire you every day, an Artist whom is of fame & well known ie: Charles Blackman, Robert Dickerson, Bromley Gillie & Marc, Popov, my personal choices. Best return is the Artist major work in size say 150cm x 150cm. Always a good return in time.

Correct Valuation

Many Galleries are fair with pricing, its always best to check when you want to move on a piece of Art, take time to see a value of the Artist work in recent Auctions, past & present. Its a reason why i only invest in a popular Artist & very well known throughout the world.

Why Art

Lets face it my reckoning, why buy stocks & shares or even Gold Bullion to hid away in a Bank, when you can have a piece of Art, on your wall to enjoy over the years, colourful, just maybe put a smile on your face each & every day. But best of all a good return in time.

original art

original art Types

Top Artist would only use a high end Canvas always thicker than most, same goes for painting on Archival Rag Medium.

original art Process

Acrylic Paint, is the preferred choice by many Artist of today, many Artist are using foil to create a wonderful effect to their work, evenings just watch the effect as the light catches the foil, makes many works come to life.

original artCare and Maintenance

Over the years as the art becomes abit tired say you can get the work coated with an oil based lacquer, to restore the Canvas & bring out the colours again.

limited edition art

limited editionTypes

On the rare occasion you may see ltd editions on Canvas, but mostly on printed medium from basic paper (not a good idea) to a top Quality Art Rag Paper, Great effect is to have the medium with a rough edge ( Best effect on Rag Medium)

limited edition Process

Many artist go for printing of their work, the thicker the gsm of the medium the better finish product, most valued works are Screen printed  from the Original onto Archival Medium ( Rag Paper ie: 400 gsm )

limited edition Maintenance

If an image is framed in the correct way Maintenance care won’t take your time up, most important a light clean every couple of weeks will do.

contemporary art

contemporary artTypes

Some very popular artist have taken this road to fame with this form of Contempoaray Art ie; Bromley, Gillie & Marc, Popov, there are interesting forms where many Artist let the paints run through the work.

contemporary art Process

Artist of the Contemporary type have many form of working with their media from foil coating, planning of the image, filling in the background as the finishing touch where in past years they done the background as the first step. I love how they build up an image as a collage. 

contemporary art Care and Maintenance

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Pop art

Pop art Types

Pop art takes many forms from popular culture to street art say (Banksy etc) its a contemporary form of Art extremely in vogue.

Pop art Process

Printing of the image, the image should have a lacquer Giclee finish sprayed for a longer life protecting the Canvas & for brighter colours

Pop art Care and Maintenance

With a printed Canvas. Giclee spray will protect the image, always wipe dust away from the image every couple of months to care for the image.

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