Constantine Popov

Currently exhibited, at a Gold Coast Art Gallery- Majorart - Miami.
skulls popov
skulls by constantine popov

Constantine Popov was born in Vladivostok in 1962. His great grandmother was Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva (1892 -1941) was a Russian and Soviet poet and her work is considered amongst some of the greatest in twentieth century Russian literature. His great grandfather was Ivan Vladimirovich Tsvetaev, a professor of Fine Art at the University of Moscow, who later founded the Alexander III Museum, which is now known as the Pushkin Museum of Fine Art. Constantine travelled extensively before residing in Australia where he has lived for the last 10 years. To view his work checkout at this Gold Coast Art Gallery in Miami Majorart

More Fine Art by Constentine Popov to arrive shortly must be seen to really appreciate his amazing colourful work, the texture of colours the depth just pops off the canvas. View at Gold Coast Art Gallery – Majorart – Miami.

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